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Antique 1910 GREECE 1 Drachma Silver Coin RARE Key Date Fine Original Memorabilia


Russian Silver Coin 1 Ruble Nicholas II 1897 Original Fine Coin Memorabilia


1965 Austria Vienna University Silver Proof Coin Set Original Packaging & Booklet Memorabilia


61 - UK Great Britain 1953 to 1966 Coin Lot Collection Very Good to Very Fine Condition Elizabeth II Collectible Accessories


ISRAEL Sterling Silver 935 Israel State Medal in Original Holder Bar Kochba coin 47 grams Memorabilia


1874 United States 25 cent Fractional Currency Bank Note Fifth Issue with short thick key in Treasury seal Uncirculated Fine Condition Ephemera Paper Money Coin Memorabilia


1976 UNCUT Sheet of 4 Two Dollar Star Notes Bureau of Engraving and Printing Federal Reserve Notes St. Louis Ephemera Coin Memorabilia


1990 Welsh Design United Kingdom One Pound Coin 925 Silver Proof Box & Certificate Memorabilia


1875-S US Seated liberty Silver Twenty Cent Piece Coin Initials Carved Love Trade TOKEN Memorabilia


2 Antique Vintage Coins Queen Victoria and the Dragonslayer British 1889 Sterling Silver Crown Collectible Historical


Ancient Bronze Chinese Charm Coin Token Zodiac Bagua 5 Elements Earthly Branches Antique Vintage


Original Vintage 3 Star Air Canada Senior Pilots Breast Wing Pin Badge RARE Bond Boyd Coin Memorabilia


2 OZ - 1974 The Franklin Mint Christmas Ingot 66.1 grams 2 OZ Solid Sterling Silver Bar 1000 grains all marked COA and Box Coin Holiday Memorabilia


Vintage Austria 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Trade Coin Dollar Original Circulated 1853 Coin


1976 ISRAEL Operation Jonathan Large 934 Sterling Silver State Silver Medal 59mm 111 Grams with Original Holder Coin Memorabilia


ISRAEL Sterling Silver 935 Israel State Medal - Israel Egypt Peace Treaty 1979 Original Box Coin memorabilia


2 - 1984 Engelhard American Prospector 1oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds Different Reverse Uncirculated Silver US Coins


Vintage United States 1917 Large Bank Note Currency One Dollar 1.00 Red Seal Circulated Bill Coin Ephemera Memorabilia


Large Ancient Bronze Chinese Charm Coin Token Zodiac Emperor Good Luck Antique Vintage


VINTAGE Paquet-Engraved 1859 James Ross Snowden Mint Bronze Medal Coin ORIGINAL Large Memorabilia


Historical Austria 1908 Original FRANCISCUS JOS. I IMP. Charities Gilded Bronze Medallion Medal by Kautsch Coin Memorabilia


1967 ISRAEL Victory Coin PROOF Silver 935 Bank of Israel with COA Original Holder Memorabilia


vintage linette candy tin coin bank


Vintage 1975 Official 5 Coin Mint Set Liras Lires Uncirculated in Red Cardboard Holder Memorabilia


1972 Cook Islands Proof Coin Set in Holder w/ Fertility God Coin 7 Coins in All Sealed Collectible


Vintage MALCOLM and HAYES Fine Craftsman Since 1894 Mint Bronze Medal Coin ORIGINAL Large Memorabilia


John F Kennedy Mini Half Dollar 14K GOLD Coin For 30th Anniversary Tribute .50 COA Memorabilia


Exonumia Silver Dollar So Called Dollar Bryan Coin Money 1896 Presidential Election Souvenir Silver Uniface Gorham Piece


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