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Philippines Revolution Postal Telegraph revenue newspaper stamps- 99-17 no gum


Vintage Fulton no. 0 black stamp pad.


1994 Year of The PIG Hand Painted Carol Gordon Cachet First Day cover on 7.25X5.25 oversized cover only 12 made Signed Stamps Ephemera Memorabilia


Great Britian The stamps of the circular Delivery Companies and their forgeries - C G Harman 1990 Book used


2 vintage rubber stamp kits.


UK Burma Japan Occupation WWII Fiscal Revenue Stamp 4m557

$22 - Norwegian Railway Steamship Parcel Stamps - Frederick A Brofos -used Book - 1964


USA Phone Telegraph Stamp 14-77 Fiscal Revenue Cinderella stamp -
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$11 - Revenue and railway stamps of Tasmania Craig and Ingles used PP book - covers soiled else great


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Activity Book Stamps. A wonderful bit of ephemera to add to your collectibles.


Fiscal Revenue Cinderella stamp -
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20 Antique TOBACCO Dealer Tax Stamps Certificates 1883 Retail Tobacco Civil War Era US Internal Revenue Ephemera Memorabilia


Rare Philippines Revolution Postal Telegraph Stamp- 99-9


2 - LOVE Hand Painted Carol Gordon Cachets First Day covers 7.25X5.25 Large oversized Postal covers Stamps Ephemera Memorabilia


Cambodia 1n- Fiscal Revenue Cinderella stamp -
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$15 - Japan Revenue Stamp Catalog Shimomura 1965 hardbound book


Die Soldatenmarken der Schweiz Swiss Army Soldier stamps used book


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