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Lavender or Rosemary Mint.This 3 piece set contains one bar of soap, one Lip Luxe lip balm and one tin of Shea Luxe Hand & Cuticle Cream . Items are nestled in a gift box Bath and Body


A gift set to be treasured. Lavender or Rosemary Mint. A gift set that is sure to please! Bath & Body


Horse Soap, All Natural and Scented with Pure Essential Oils. Great for any horse owner / lover. Great gift for young girls too. Choice of colors/scents Bath & Body


Fall & Winter Hand Cream. All Natural with Frankincense and Cinnamon, Beewax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil. Bath & Body.


A blend of the coniferous, a touch of wood, a kiss of vanilla, a hint of citrus, a dash of spice. Nearly a dozen different oils are used in this blend. Bath & Body, Accessories


A drop or two before you poo, and no one else will have a clue! WORKS WELL-many repeat customers! Bath & Body, Accessories


This full sized 4-piece kit is all you need to refresh & revive your tired feet. Comes in a beautiful keepsake gift box with ribbon (about 8" x 8" x 3") that can be used for keepsakes- Bath & Body


Face & Body Skin Care Set-Keepsake box includes full sized Mud Mask, Lip Luxe, Large Soap and Mini body pouf. Great Value in a convenient package! Bath & Body


Intrigue Perfume Oil-Dark, earthy, sensual. If you like Patchouli, if you like Vetiver, you will love this one. Bath & Body, Accessories


Aromatherapy Roll On Oils in Glass Roll On Tubes These oils can be inhaled or applied topically. When applied topically, they work best when applied to your pulse points. Bath & Body, Accessories


For the Angler! The set includes one bar of anise scented soap aptly named, "Get Hooked", and one Lip Luxe lip balm-Gift Accessories Bath & Body


2 Pc Set-This cute little bird on a branch is ready to adorn your sink, shower or tub no matter what the season! It comes with a wonderful tube of Lip Luxe lip balm of my own creation. Bath and Body


A tiny treasure for your soaking pleasure!! This tube is enough for two baths. About 3 oz. To ensure freshness, the salts are now Made to Order! Bath & Body


Best Seller! Great for nearly any gift-giving opportunity (or for yourself). Three pc set includes Lip Luxe, Shea Cuticle Cream and Guest Soap-variety of scents!- Bath & Body, Gift Sets Bath and Body


Monster Mist. Help your child (and you) relieve bedtime anxiety with this wonderfully scented spray Bath and Body


Relax and fall asleep faster w/my Sleepy Time Spray. All natural with lavender and other essential oils Bath and Body


Contents include a large (5 oz) Victorian Heart Soap, a Shea Luxe Hand & Cuticle Cream (one oz) and a Lip Luxe (.2 oz) Lip Balm. A great trio that is sure to be treasured. Bath & Body


Five scents available. All natural Lip Luxe lip balm works wonders and feels great. Bath & Body, Accessories


Innocence Perfume Oil-A spicy base, glazed with floral top notes. It reminds me of the sweet and spicy carnations I loved as a young girl. Bath and Body, accessories


Follow Snow White’s journey as this natural perfume oil captures and retells her story. As you apply, be certain to note each step along the way, as if you stepped into her very shoes. Bath & Body


It works hard and is all-natural too! Aromatherapy Spray, Yoga Mat Spray, Air Freshener, kidding! Household, accessory, Bath & Body


Lg keepsake box filled with Goodies in Lavender or Rosemary Mint Great Gift Set! Bath & Body


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