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Welcome to BurntEarthHorseHairPottery. I have spent years working on different applications of burning horsehair and other hairs into my clay figurines. Corrales, NM is home to hundreds of different artists who enjoy the rural way of life. When I want to think up my next projects I can walk or ride horses along the Rio Grande River.

horsehair pottery - new mexico - southwestern - wedding vases, native american - christian crosses - balloon fiesta - Spanish, animals, bowls - wedding gifts - christmas luminaria bags - christmas gifts - home decor - garden markers

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How I got started with clay and horsehair. Michael Tarter aka Sauce has spent the last 45 years in Policing, Safety and Security. During his 22 years with the Albuquerque Police Department one of his assignments was being in charge of the Bomb Squad. This was a position where he needed not to think about work after he was off work. He tried everything from running, racquetball, weights, and ceramics. He found that working on ceramics and clay took his mind completely off work. He had to concentrate so hard on what he was doing or he would break the piece he was working on. It was the same with working on an explosive device except there you get broken up if you are not paying attention. This began a long journey, where he has learned how to work a potter’s wheel, hand build with clay and ceramic molds. He became interested in horsehair several years ago and has begun to explore different methods using the horsehair technique on ideas he has created. He lives in Corrales, New Mexico with his family and has a working studio where from time to time he will give demonstrations of how the horsehair burns into his creations.

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