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Chainmaille jewelry, also known as chain mail jewelry or artisan chain jewelry, is made from hundreds of woven rings. Chain jewelry is beautiful, unique, and eye-catching. I love making it: you will love wearing it! I have been a jeweler for 20+ years, but in 2006, I tried this style and found my niche. Every piece starts as a spool of wire, which is shaped into rings and woven to make this jewelry. The process is long, but the results are great. NOTE: Prices may change to reflect costs for precious metals.

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David Bowman

Video Gallery

Learn about the jewelry in the gallery!

An 11.5-minute video in which I discuss some of the pieces in the chainmaille jewelry gallery, the chainmaille weaves, and how the jewelry is made.

Click the PLAY button and turn on your sound to hear the narration.

Making Jump Rings for Chainmaille

People ask: How do you make the rings? This video is my answer.

A 10:32 video that demonstrates how I make chainmaille rings, from coiling wire to cleaning rings.

Click the PLAY button and turn on your sound to hear the audio.

I love making jewelry! Most of all, I love seeing people wearing it and smiling. Since starting to make chain maille jewelry in 2006, I have worked hard to create the most beautiful jewelry I can. I make all the rings from raw wire, which I coil and cut to make rings before weaving them, one at a time, slowly and carefully, to create the jewelry designs you see here and on the Desert Chains website

Expert craftmanship: I make jewelry with care and attention:

  • Careful matching of ring size and wire gauge so the jewelry isn't stiff or the rings aren't "floppy."
  • All rings close tightly with no unsightly gaps.
  • Edges are hand filed to remove any metal burrs caused by cutting.
  • Gold, sterling silver, and copper pieces are tumble polished for a professional shine.

This attention to detail means the rings are less likely to lose their shape or to open when worn and that the overall piece will be comfortable to wear. They will give you enjoyment for years.

Viperscale chain maille (competition entry)

Half Persian bracelet, Sterling Silver

Petite box chain maille bracelet

Classy gold and silver handmade bracelet

5 Chainmaille tutorials in one PDF

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Guide for Buying Chainmaille
Chainmaille jewelry comes in a wide range of quality. Some jewelry exhibits high-quality craftsmanship, fine materials, and professional manufacturing techniques. Some chain jewelry shows sloppy work with little attention to detail and uses low-end materials. Most chainmaille jewelry is somewhere in between. If you are interested in buying chainmaille jewelry, what should you look for in chain jewelry to determine whether the piece is worth the price? More

Blue Ribbon Chainmaille
I entered the 2015 NM State Fair Jewelry Competition, Chainmaille class. Reasons to enter: get a professional assessment of my jewelry and show people how beautiful chainmaille jewelry can be. Entry piece: sterling silver Viperscale bracelet. Result: First Place! More

Another Winner!
After having success in the 2015 jewelry competition, I decided to enter again in 2016. This time, I entered the beautiful Rondo a la Byzantine design in sterling silver. Judges loved it! Another blue ribbon. More

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