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Welcome to CrookedSeamz, where you can find *almost* perfect, high quality hand sewn treasures for your family and your home. Although denim is my specialty, you will find a variety of fabrics and colors in the items throughout my store. I love doing custom orders, so give me your best idea, and I will do my best to make it happen.

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I made my first denim quilt to take with me to college. Then, I made one for a friends wedding. After that, I thought I could try selling one. I haven't looked back since that first sale. I am known for the work I do with denim. All my family and friends immediately think of me when they are getting rid of old jeans. In fact, if you Google "queen size denim quilt" my picture will show up. My family "benefits" from my work, because I try all my new designs on them. I make my own curtains, throw pillows, and even stuffed animals for the three precious children God has blessed me with. One of my favorite things is working on a custom order with a customer. I've found that their creativity generally boosts my own inventiveness, and I am able to create new designs that I would never have thought of. So, let's put our heads together! What can I make today, just for you?

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