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Handmade custom orders WELCOME - lifetime jeweler w' Original Designs made into A finely finished product that is guaranteed to last and be of the quality one would expect. Handmade is Better!

all items are on SALE at the new website up to 50% of marked prices!

Jewelry Original Designs USA - Treasurings Harvest Festivals - Wedding bands in Gold or Silver - Treasurings Pamela Pam Burris - Many gemstones cut mined by me - handmade in my shop by me in USA - all items available in 14k gold - Silver Earring Pendants Rings - 925 sterling silver handmade USA - Custom orders in 14k yellow gold - Treasurings California Ren Faire - metalwork designed cast shop Me - Alexandrite Pearls Star Sapphire - Druzy Drusy Druze Quartz Natural - All designs original By Me 100%

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